I’m Better Than You.

The Superiority Complex. Big words, I know. It’s something we all face. Maybe even everyday. Maybe your shoes were a nicer brand than the girl at the bus stop, and you automatically saw her as ‘lower’ than you. See, the superiority complex isn’t just big words explaining why you’re better than everyone else. It’s become a huge part of how we cope with our emotions, which then affects another person and another; the toxic cycle goes on.

We live in a world where there is a constant competition and a need to one up another person to feel successful – Your shoes are 2cm taller than mine? Congrats! The media feeds us a rule book that dictates what we should or shouldn’t do, but what happens when you can’t match those standards?

Greeting cards: Religious and Holier Than Thou.

In order to cope with these persistent challenges, people tend to overcompensate with wrong portrayals of themselves. In this case, we tend to look at the false sense of superiority that we feel, as opposed to inferiority.

  • It is a psychological defence mechanism in which a person’s feelings of superiority counter or conceal their sense of inferiority
  • It can manifest itself into Narcissistic Disorder, Superiority Complex Personality Disorder or Megalomania
  • When people are unable to cope with these standards, they may end up in one of the two extremes: inferiority complex (lack of self-esteem) and superiority complex ( exaggerated feeling of self-importance)

I received this information from the CCE Sydney University.


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